Notes for the 2019 Annual Conference are scheduled for release in January 2019, 30 days prior to the show and will be available the following ways.

  1. DOWNLOAD ZIP FILE (available to conference participants)
    Download all conference notes by logging into the program website program website and selecting “Download All-Conference Notes” from the navigation area on the left-hand side of the screen. (Available January 2019)
  2. PROGRAM WEBSITE (available to conference participants)
    Search the program, then select sessions of interest. If notes have been provided by the presenter, a “notes” button will appear. You can also select the download all notes and it will provide a zip file for you. Click to view, then download or print.
    As a Conference participant or subscriber to the Learning Library, you receive access Conference Notes for each year you purchased a full conference registration. There is no additional cost. All video/audio files, as well as notes for years you did not attend Annual Conference, are available for $19.99/month or $198/year. There is no minimum commitment required. You can adjust your account to pay for a single month or subscribe to a reoccurring plan. Courses and events are not included in the subscription.  You can browse the Library at no cost with a 90-sec preview on video and audio files. In order to access notes, you must be logged in using the email address and password used when you registered for the event. If you are not logged in, you will not be able to view the notes.