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Change Your Email Preferences

Want to change the frequency or type of emails you receive from WVC Connections? You have full control! Here's how you can adjust your email settings: 

To change the community digest emails:

  1. Navigate to your profile page and click on "My Preferences" then "Community Notifications"


2. If you would like to receive these emails at a different email address than your login, simply click on "add override addresses"



3. To change the frequency of the community digest emails (or to turn them off), toggle to your desired option for each community. You can also consolidate all of your digests into one email by checking "Consolidated Daily Digest" next to each community. 


To unsubscribe to all WVC Connections emails*:

1. Navigate to your profile and click on "My Preferences" then "Email Preferences"

2. There are three places in which you will want to toggle to "No" for specific types of emails

*Note: Changing your email preferences will not effect your access to WVC Connections. We strongly encourage you to not unsubscribe completely as you will miss some important community-based information. We suggest trying to adjust your Community Notifications first!  

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