Will there be a Mother's Lounge?

The Mother’s Lounge will be available Sunday-Wednesday from 7:00a-6:00p in Jasmine H, Level 3 inside Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

The Mother's Lounge is sponsored by Merck Animal Health and will feature:

  • 4 private nursing spaces that each have electricity and a refrigerator
  • Food and beverage including bottled water and snacks
  • Storage unit for housing mothers equipment during room hours

Merck Animal Health would love to help remove hesitation amongst new moms to help them attend this conference by enabling conference attendees to easily ship (or keep cool while they carry) their breastmilk home to their babies with Milk Stork's service (trusted by 15k+ moms). Participants can place orders at www.milkstork.com/WVCMerck. Please place orders at least 2 business days before the event to ensure that your cooler(s) arrive on time!

A Mother’s Lounge is also available for our hands-on lab participants at the Oquendo Center. Please see the staff at the front desk for assistance.